Dr. Sei Buor

Sei Buor is the executive director of ULICAF in Indianapolis, Indiana, and President of Liberia International Christian College. From an early age, Sei was committed to pursuing an education. That commitment continued after his life-changing acceptance of Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and eventually led him to America to study at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, and Loyola University in Chicago.

Seeing the devastating impact of civil war on his nation, Sei joined with other Liberian refugees, and their American friends, to look for ways to help rebuild the nation of Liberia. Together, they created an organization committed to the vision of training leaders for the future of Liberia. The pursuit of that vision has resulted in the founding of Liberian International Christian College in Ganta, Liberia.

This is the story of Sei's early life in rural Liberia, his pursuit of education, his development as a Christian leader and evangelist, and his inspiration to lead his fellow refugees in a mission of love for Liberia.