Accelerating Africa's Integration
Accelerating Africa’s Integration
Author: Kojo Boafo Asiedu , Olubanke King-Akerele
Publish: 2015
Publisher: Author House
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781496943279
Pages: 202

This book is about accelerating Africa's integration through the application of the growth triangle concept. Filled with rich experiences backed by research, this book is also a powerful account of how African countries' border areas—many of which largely marginalized and clash points of conflicts—can be transformed into vibrant socio-economic security zones through local-regional development efforts. This book equally creates a necessary kind of working environment where micro-regionalism is given a significant role to play in addressing some of the protracted challenges associated with our continent's "larger" groupings.

A valuable piece of work and absolutely required reading for all of us (politicians, academics private sector, development practitioners, NGOS)"

Author Details:

Olubanke King Akerele (born May 11, 1946) is a Liberian politician and diplomat who served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the cabinet of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf from October 2007 until her resignation on November 3, 2010. She is the granddaughter of Liberia's 17th president, Charles D. B. King.

Akerele studied at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria and graduated from Brandeis University in Massachusetts, United States with a B.A. in economics. She earned her first M.A. from Northeastern University in manpower economics, then a second M.A. from Columbia University in the economics of education. Akerele also completed her first year at the University of Liberia Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law. She later served for over 20 years at the United Nations.