Avoid Mosquitoes
Avoid Mosquitoes and Other Impossibilities
Author: Nancy Shellin
Publish: 2009
Publisher: iUniverse
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780595526468
Pages: 248

In the compelling memoir Avoid Mosquitoes¿and Other Impossibilities, Nancy Sellin narrates the details of her journey across the world to Liberia, West Africa, where she and her husband intended to save the world as new members of the Peace Corps. Nancy shares her charming and intimate personal story that begins in 1965 with her journey from bitterly cold Anchorage, Alaska, to her eventual arrival in the humid, tropical climate of West Africa.

As Nancy and her husband, Dale, tackle their intense Peace Corps training, the Vietnam War rages as incompatibility issues in her own marriage begin to surface. Nancy must deal with her homesickness, tribal languages, and the daily challenges of living in a different culture, all while attempting to help the Liberian natives learn valuable life skills. As she and Dale slowly become acclimated to African village life, Nancy¿s unforgettable adventure is just beginning as she samples new foods, encounters a deadly snake, and learns an elaborate Liberian handshake. Nancy soon recognizes she may not be able to save the world during her short stint with the Peace Corps, but returns home with visceral experiences and altered perceptions that influence the direction of her entire life.