Born of the Village Son
Author: K-Moses Nagbe
Publish: 2020
Publisher: Pentina Publishers
Format: ebook, Paperback
ISBN: 979-8666940310
Pages: 196

When young Neh Gateru returns from abroad with vast education, he dreams of settling in his home region in rural Liberia. He shortly encounters Nannie Berry, an equally young woman, with whom he will have a future family. The joy of the encounter is short-lived because he rather innocently runs afoul with the national government and is murdered. West African writer D. E. S. Kandakai wrote the prequel titled The Village Son, and now another West African writer K-Moses Nagbe adds the sequel titled Born of the Village Son. Brace yourself to follow a storyline that will both depress and enliven your spirit. Be a witness to some of the intrigues of life!

Author Details:

K-MOSES NAGBE enjoys a wealth of interdisciplinary studies, including Literature, Law, Education, Business Studies, Health Literacy, and Art. He studied in Africa and the United States of America. In Africa, he studied at the Sasstown Government School, the Sinoe High School, the Modern Commercial Institute, the University of Liberia, and one of its professional schools, the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law. In America, Dr. Nagbe studied at the Glassboro (now Rowan) State University and Northcentral University. He holds a BA, an MA, an LLB, and a Ph.D. A Humanities scholar, Dr. Nagbe has taught for nearly 40 years. At the grade school level, in Liberia, West Africa, Dr. Nagbe taught at the Samford Dennis High School, Monrovia College, and College of West Africa. At the tertiary level, he taught at the University of Liberia, and the Don Bosco (now Stella Maris) Polytechnic. In the United States of America, he further taught at Montgomery College. Dr. Nagbe currently teaches at the Prince George’s Community College, also in America. He is past president of the University of Liberia Faculty Association (ULFA) and past president of the Liberia Association of Writers (Law). In the Liberian government, Dr. Nagbe served as deputy minister for administration at the Ministry of Information, and legal counsel and deputy minister for legal affairs at the Ministry of Transport. Dr. Nagbe has written considerably. His list includes at least 25 books, among which are Nuggets of the African Novel (With Notes on the Liberian Literary Heritage).