Catching Ricebirds
Catching Ricebirds: A Story of Letting Vengeance Go
Author: Marcus Doe
Publish: 2016
Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers, Inc.
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781619708259
Pages: 250

Born in Liberia, West Africa, in 1979, Doe's earliest memory is of his brother Molley teaching him to catch birds in their yard, luring them into traps with grains of rice.

But by mid-July 1990, a violent civil war erupted and Liberia was thrown into a time of fear, starvation, and death. Separated from his family, Marcus embarked on a remarkable journey to escape the war-ravaged country he loves and the wounds that he carried in his memory. Reaching manhood, Marcus was held captive by a spirit of vengeance. Lured into bitterness and depression, his heart was imprisoned in plans to kill his father's murderer. But God's light reached him in this darkness. Where he had been filled with hatred, Marcus slowly learned to forgive. Now his mission is to bring the hope and the peace of Christ to others. Marcus's life unfolds in four movements: first as a young boy living in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, during a period of growing unrest; second as a refugee fleeing from rebel forces that would kill him and his family without a second thought; third as a wanderer in foreign countries-Ghana, the United States-unable to return to his childhood home; and finally, as an adult, coming to grips with the loss he experienced and longing to see his own healing extends to others still haunted by Liberia's suffering.