Dark Freedom
Dark Freedom: A Gloomy Tale Of Once A War Divided Liberia
Author: F. Shelton Gonkerwon
Publish: 2015
Publisher: Author House
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781504903561
Pages: 258

Dark Freedom is an incarnation of the overcast instances that reversed the social, political, and economic phenomenon of Liberia for a lengthened period and undermined peaceful coexistence of the people. It is a manifestation of the author’s pungent experiences during the dark period when evils stood above morals, when love bowed low to hatred, when lawlessness was the common denominator of the day when life lost value, and when the day was hosted by darkness, etc.

Comparatively autobiographical, the book represents some personal as well as historical accounts regarding what occurred before, during, and after the brutal civil upheaval in Liberia. Judging from its name (Dark Freedom), one can securely sketch the conclusion that Liberians are blessed with copious natural riches but lack social and economic freedom and are constrained against their own will to live with poverty and assorted social evils.

It is intended to remind succeeding generations about the stage-by-stage happenings during the Civil War so that its reoccurrence can be avoided or prevented. Balanced, practical, and a material that presents the truth above falsehood, readers will certainly find the book useful and historically valuable. Ellicot Sede, who performed a breakfast editing on the book, described it as “a worthy historical reminder” obsessed with facts and truth that researchers and scholars will find worthy.