Famoous Liberian Folklores
Famous Liberian Folklore: A collection of Short Stories from across Liberia
Author: D. Othniel Forte
Publish: 2013
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1945408335
Pages: 162

Liberia has a rich and wonderful culture hidden away in its Oral Tradition. This book explores this wealth of knowledge lodged in the great minds of our elders. The characters are in every sense ordinary people who did the extraordinary. The pain and sorrows, joy, and happiness they experienced are similar to what we all feel, but they did not relent. These stories are educative, have loads of morals, and yet, entertaining enough to give the whole family moments of laughter. They are our equivalent of Snow White and Cinderella. Sadly, they face the risk of dying off if no one tells them. They are perfect for teaching Liberian cultural values and legends to our younger ones. And to those who have lost touch or those seeking to regain the taste of Liberian folklore, look no further, this is the book you need.