Liberia a Visit Through Books
Liberia: A Visit Through Books
Author: Izetta R. Cooper
Publish: 2008
Publisher: Lulu
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780557020539
Pages: 96

Izetta R. Cooper has loved books since she was a child. Liberia - A Visit Through Books is part biography and part bibliography. Within these covers, you will learn about the woman who:

  • lovingly raised three children and several foster children while supporting her husband's medical career
  • ¬†introduced the Dewey Decimal System to the University of Liberia Library
  • served as Library Consultant for the Presidential Library of the Executive Mansion for President William V. S. Tubman
  • hosted the ELTV television show, The World of Books
  • compiled a bibliography of more than 230 historical books on Liberia
  • chronicled historical Liberian events and literary publications in an extensive timeline (1900 - 2008).

A must-have for your library of Liberian history books!