Liberia Art and Culture
Author: Emmanuel Alvin
Publish: 2016
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Format: ebook, Paperback
ISBN: 9781539977056

Liberia Art and Culture, who is Liberian and what is the tradition and origin, this book details about the entire Liberian profile and the environment, related to Culture, Art, History and the Environment, Liberia rejoices in a cultural heritage whose diversity and dynamism enrich the nation´s life in all its aspects. After an inevitable period in which the vitality of the nation´s own cultural traditions was weakened by Western influence, the nation's arts and crafts are thriving as Liberians increasingly come to value their own indigenous cultural expressions while at the same time drawing on the best of Western culture to produce a healthy and exciting eclecticism.

Liberia´s National Culture Troupe, for instance, offers plays and dances based on traditional Liberian themes both at home and abroad, under the encouragement of President Tolbert, initiator of the annual National Art and Culture Festival. On Liberian television and radio, African drama and music have an honored place, while Liberian writers, encouraged by the country´s rapidly rising level of literacy, are increasingly finding a voice.