Listen to the Songs
Listen to the Songs the Children Sing
Author: Christiana Tah
Publish: 2020
Publisher: LifeRich Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781489725592
Pages: 288

The past and present of Liberia, a small West African country characterized by a complex social and political history, reflect the challenges that Africans and African Americans have faced while sharing a common space and a common destiny for over a century. Listen to the Songs the Children Sing presents author Christiana Tah's personal journey growing up in Liberia and working to serve her country. She lays bare the intrigues and conflicts of a nation formed in the nineteenth century with the arrival of African American settlers (some of them freed slaves) and the resulting clash arising from the forced union of African American immigrants and the indigenous African population despite their very different culture and history.

Tah, whose roles have shifted between observer and player, walks a political tightrope within the justice system, sometimes winning, sometimes losing, in her attempt to help put the nation's justice system on an even keel. In describing her journey, she covers a wide range of topics and, in the end, conveys the lesson that when social issues are left unresolved, a relatively stable social environment can fill with rage, self-hatred, and self-destruction; consequently, impeding reconciliation and reconstruction.

In this memoir, a former attorney general of Liberia shares her personal history while shedding light on the challenges of restoring the rule of law in a post-conflict environment.