Multiracial Church Dynamics
Multiracial Church Dynamics: Possibilities & Challenges
Author: Richard Lane Stryker III
Publish: 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781470184247
Pages: 140

Although so many Christians live in multiracial and multicultural communities, many Christian churches do not reflect the diversity of their communities. Sunday morning worship remains racially divided. Multiracial Church Dynamics offers a straightforward examination of the topic. The strategies to move from unifacial to multiracial churches are relevant to a broad audience in the Christian community, pastors, and laity alike. The specificity of the topic and the author’s clear viewpoint all contribute to a clearly presented controlling idea, one that readers will understand and appreciate.

Bishop William H. Willimon writes in the foreword: "Richard Stryker is not content simply to lament the sad state of the church to obey Christ’s commands and to embody the reach and the richness of his salvation in our life together. In this book, he offers specific, tested, practical help for pastors and church leaders who want their congregations to grow and to be all that God intends.”