Murder in the Cassava Patch
Murder in the Cassava Patch
Author: Bai T. Moore
Publish: 1968
Publisher: Ducor Publishing House
Format: Paperback
Pages: 64

Murder in the Cassava Patch is a very good African literature work and tells the story of a toxic relationship that ends in murder. Gortokai, the main character, is madly in love with Tene, a coquettish woman who likes to string along several men at the same time.

Kai (short for Gortokai) is not at all aware of this side of Tene and he has no qualms about marrying this woman that he is head-over-heels in love with. He has paid the dowry and seems to have convinced their entourage of his intent. However, slowly but surely he encounters unexpected issues, leading to a disturbing revelation when he consults a witchdoctor – Tene has other men in mind.

This is where Gortokai’s ordeal starts. In despair, the young Liberian resorts to the witchdoctor, asking him to do some ‘workings’ on Tene to ensure that the girl will fall into his snare. But it’s no easy task.