The Forgotten Liberian
The Forgotten Liberian
Author: Teah Wulah
Publish: 2005
Publisher: Author House
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781418479695
Pages: 332

The Forgotten Liberian, a brief history of the ethnic groups of the Liberian Hinterland. The book resurrects some historical facts and demonstrates how Liberian ethnic groups were considered part of African through as some of the original humans who million years ago were the promulgators of civilization. Most references to Liberia as a country usually begins with the landing or refuge for Free American slaves with no regard to its original ethnic population. This work focuses on three historical facts: The Method employed by Free America Slaves to impose arrogant rule; the criticism from world leasers and Organization in regards to the Maltreatment by the settlers to change customs of the Natives, and the Native's resistance to Colonization.