The Nature of Shadows
The Nature of Shadows
Author: Augustine Sheriff
Publish: 2019
Publisher: Almond Grove Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781734023411
Pages: 240

So begins the immersive, triumphant story of one discarded boy’s journey into manhood against incredible odds.
From navigating the often-corrupt Liberian political and educational system to extracting himself from his oppressor’s polygamist network at the tender age of twelve, Augustine Sheriff’s harrowing passage into adulthood was far from typical. His deeply personal account dares to go beyond the universal trials of adolescence—falling in love for the first time, the complex relationship between fathers and sons, that one surreal adventure with friends that changes everything—to a place of unsurpassed courage on his quest for belonging. And when Liberia’s bloody civil war forced young men to choose—kill or be killed—a series of strangers showed Augustine a powerful third choice: love.

The Nature of Shadows uses the reverence and self-effacing humor for which Liberians are known to craft a rare and unforgettable coming-of-age story that bears witness to the best and worst of the human condition, no matter the continent.