The Subcontractors
The Subcontractors: The Liberian Incident
Author: James Radcliff
Publish: 2019
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781790401376
Pages: 408

The world is a far stranger place than the average person will ever realize. We get glimpses of that strangeness here and there. Myths, urban legends, old fisherman's tales, campfire stories of ghosts, and even stranger horrors lurking in the dark. These are just stories that we make up to frighten ourselves. Except, they’re all true, and the government pays a lot of money to make sure they remain just stories.

Enter ‘The Team’, they have no official designation beyond security subcontractors for an obscure department of the CIA. Individuals with the right skills and experiences to be drafted to the front lines of war virtually nobody is aware of. A war against ancient gods, horrors, monsters, and worse. Much, much worse. Their job is simple; find these things and recover or kill them to make sure the world keeps spinning with the public none the wiser about what's really out there beyond the comforting light of the campfire.

Taking place in 1999 the book is set against the backdrop of the Second Liberian Civil War. A nightmare all on its own, but something ancient, malevolent, and hungry has decided to take advantage of the chaos created by man to further an agenda we could not hope to comprehend. All 'The Team' and a small group of allies can do is work desperately against human and supernatural adversaries as well as the clock to try to keep a hellish war from becoming something far, far worse.