Where Charles Taylor Went Wrong
Where Charles Taylor Went Wrong
Author: Max Willie
Publish: 2012
Publisher: Xlibris
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781483639420
Pages: 52

WHERE CHARLES TAYLOR WENT WRONG' lays bare the issues and events that culminated in the downfall of a man who remarkably transfer figured Liberia, Africa's oldest independent republic. Charles Taylor's missteps and failures in Liberia, as well his ill-advised role in Sierra Leone, a country with common border and heritage; his inflammatory foreign policy toward not only the US and other Western powers but to neighboring countries as well as the basis for his international isolation, the lack of donor support to his government and his eventual demise.

Perhaps no other writer has brought to focus yet Charles Taylor's slip-ups, as does this copy. Historians, students of history, policymakers, and political observers everywhere may find this work attention in their analyses of war, peace, and governance, particularly in Africa.