American Warlord: A True Story

The incredible true story of Chucky Taylor, the only American ever convicted of torture. Chucky Taylor was an average American teenager until he got a call from his father, a man who would become the infamous dictator of Liberia. Arriving in West Africa and reunited with his father, Chucky soon found himself leading a murderous […]

The Danger of Celebrity in Power: The Case of Liberia

The Danger of Celebrity in Power

The Danger of Celebrity in Power: The Case of Liberia takes you on an engaging journey that dissects the rise of celebrities to political power and unravels the implications of their imposing rule, sometimes to the detriment of democracy’s growth and development. In particular, the book delves into the small West African nation of Liberia […]

Where Charles Taylor Went Wrong

Where Charles Taylor Went Wrong

WHERE CHARLES TAYLOR WENT WRONG’ lays bare the issues and events that culminated in the downfall of a man who remarkably transfer figured Liberia, Africa’s oldest independent republic. Charles Taylor’s missteps and failures in Liberia, as well his ill-advised role in Sierra Leone, a country with common border and heritage; his inflammatory foreign policy toward […]

Blue Clay People

Blue Clay People

An elegantly written memoir of a young man’s life-changing sojourn in a world of immeasurable poverty and instability: Charles Taylor’s Liberia. William Powers went to Liberia as a fresh-faced aid worker in 1999 and was given the mandate to “fight poverty and save the rainforest.” It’s not long before Powers is confronting the myriad obstacles […]

Love Falls On Us: A Story of American Ideas and African LGBT Lives

Love Falls On Us

In 2009 Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill became a top global news story. Two years later Hillary Clinton declared “Gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights,” but still today there is little consensus on how to advance those rights beyond the United States and Europe. The fact is that international LGBT activism and […]