Grandma’s Special Gift

Grandma Special Gifts

Every year, Luke looked forward to receiving presents from his grandma on his birthday. She always knew exactly what he wanted. This birthday is different. Instead of a toy, Grandma sends him three envelopes with special instructions. Follow Luke and his best friend, DeeDee, as they open Grandma’s special gift and learn some very important […]

My Little Musu

My Little Musu

My Little Musu is a Liberian lullaby from a young mother to her daughter. Musu is a word from the Vai ethnic group that means “lady.”

Spending At the Fair

Spending at the Fair

Best friends, Luke and DeeDee, are excited about spending the day at the fair. They already know exactly what they’re going to do—play some games, check out the rides and try out some new food! With twenty-five dollars each from their Spend jars, the kids set off to explore the fair but soon find out […]

Toby Pannoh’s Good Manners for Boys and Girls

Toby Pannoh 's GMA

Eight-year-old Toby Pannoh lives with his family in Grand Kru County, Liberia. Toby behaves most of the time, but not his five-year-old little sister, Mah. She cries for things, loves to slam doors, and hates to take afternoon naps. In order to deal with Mah’s tantrums, Toby decides to teach his little sister some good […]

I’m About To

I'm About To

A little pepper bird named Korlu never wanted to learn anything. She was not even willing to try. Korlu ignored important lessons until one day she had to learn to fly. Follow Korlu on her short adventure as she travels from her comfortable nest, all the way to Sinta Village.

Where In The World Is Liberia

Where In The World Is Liberia

Find the hidden words in the grid and learn about Liberia. Each page features a word search puzzle that will teach children about Liberia and hold their interest for hours. Get to know important historical facts, learn about the people, culture, natural resources, and many more. Plus many illustrations to color while completing some puzzles.

In Monrovia, The River Visits The Sea

In Monrovia

In Monrovia, The River Visits The Sea,  Wesley poetically explores Liberia’s Mesurado River through the relationship of two siblings–Klon and Geede. Grade Level: PK-3



Sundaymah and Sundaygar are two siblings who live in Grand Bassa County in Liberia. On the way to visit their Auntie Mardie’s house in Monrovia, they encounter various characters in the big city and have an experience that introduces them to a very important word.

What Happened To Red Rooster When a Visitor Came

What Happened to Red Rooster

Red Rooster was the biggest, most beautiful chick on the farm. So what happened to Red Rooster when a visitor came? Read Stephanie Horton’s hilarious tale of the loudest bird on a small Liberian farm. Grade Level: PK-3



“Kukujumuku” is the story of a giant frog named Henry on the day of a big thunderstorm. While Henry travels the countryside in search of refuge, he learns a very important lesson about unity.