EeeeeeMmmmmm (A Short Life Story of Emmanuel Mombo Nagbe of Sasstown, Liberia)


A young man from Rural Liberia plows his way through Western education, reaches an important peak, and returns home to serve his people. Just when most people think all is well, something terrible happens in the country that will alter the life of everyone. This life story of the man told by his son brings […]

You Be Pilot

You Be Pilot

Edward Bailey Sherman, a well-known evangelical and Pentecostal cleric, rose from humble beginnings to arrive at a height he rarely imagined he would have attained, had it not been for the grace of God. This little book celebrates the path he traveled. In the book, K-Moses Nagbe, the author, also documents at least 40 of […]

The Call of God Brings Joy: Memoirs of a Missionary to Liberia

The Call of God

In 1973, Herb Tisher moved from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to the town of Zwedru in the jungle of Liberia, West Africa. The eventful decades that followed saw language and culture learning, linguistic analysis, marriage, children, jungle treks, church planting, coups d’etat, wars, and, in 1996, the publication of the New Testament in the Tchien […]

Multiracial Church Dynamics: Possibilities & Challenges

Multiracial Church Dynamics

Although so many Christians live in multiracial and multicultural communities, many Christian churches do not reflect the diversity of their communities. Sunday morning worship remains racially divided. Multiracial Church Dynamics offers a straightforward examination of the topic. The strategies to move from unifacial to multiracial churches are relevant to a broad audience in the Christian […]

Large Barns, No Barns and 21st Century Greed

Large Barns

Large Barns, No Barns, and 21st Century Greed intertwine the theological wisdom of the ages with the challenges of present reality, low wages, and the gigantic gap between the superrich and the poor. Are the teachings of Jesus regarding wealth relevant for our time? Dr. Stryker answers with an unequivocal yes! Those living well, not […]