Nyenea: The Child Soldier


Nyenea is the uniquely Liberian story of a family’s nightmarish experience as their beloved son becomes a child soldier with the most fearsome and barbaric rebel group in the country’s brutal civil war. The story follows the Mleh family, who’ve recently moved to their farm in Mount Gibi when the National Patriotic Front of Liberia […]

An Obituary for Hawa Barchue

In An Obituary for Hawa Barchue, C. William Allen takes his readers on a roller-coaster ride through life in his motherland, Liberia. during the years immediately before that country was plunged into a brutal and devastating 14-year Civil War. Through the eyes and voice of his main character, Hawa, a young, gregarious single female.

Birds Are Singing

Birds Are Singing

Can a countryman make it in Liberia? This is the question Sumowor Gbamokorli wrestles with during his long, eventful journey from village life to the capital city, where kwii men seem to have all the power. Will Korli, as he is known, be able to escape the webs of tribal and “civilized” societies that both […]