Grandma’s Special Gift

Grandma Special Gifts

Every year, Luke looked forward to receiving presents from his grandma on his birthday. She always knew exactly what he wanted. This birthday is different. Instead of a toy, Grandma sends him three envelopes with special instructions. Follow Luke and his best friend, DeeDee, as they open Grandma’s special gift and learn some very important […]

The ‘Growing’ of Africa’s Emergent Leadership

The “Growing” of Africa’s Emergent Leadership, demonstrates a succinct style of impressive clarity and focuses on the seriousness and legitimacy of Africa’s next generation and the need for continuous cultivation of the continent’s majority constituents. The organization of the book reflects Honorable King-Akerele’s vast experience in youth development which inspired her writing. My unequivocal recommendation […]

Africa On My Mind

Africa On My Mind

After two years as an early Peace Corps volunteer teacher in Liberia, one woman’s five-decade effort to learn about and to educate Americans about African peoples and countries.

Toby Pannoh’s Good Manners for Boys and Girls

Toby Pannoh 's GMA

Eight-year-old Toby Pannoh lives with his family in Grand Kru County, Liberia. Toby behaves most of the time, but not his five-year-old little sister, Mah. She cries for things, loves to slam doors, and hates to take afternoon naps. In order to deal with Mah’s tantrums, Toby decides to teach his little sister some good […]

Looking Language in the Eye

LOOKING LANGUAGE IN THE EYE contributes to a serious look at language problems facing the Liberian student. Dr. Nagbe invites critical support for English language programs in the Liberian classroom. The author insists that writing cannot have the desired impact without attention to appropriate pronunciation and a strong reading culture.



“Kukujumuku” is the story of a giant frog named Henry on the day of a big thunderstorm. While Henry travels the countryside in search of refuge, he learns a very important lesson about unity.

I Love Liberia

I Love Liberia

I LOVE LIBERIA is an original poem that encourages national and cultural pride.

NO MORE WAR: Rebuilding Liberia through Faith, Determination and Education

Praise for No More War —Gordon J. Van Wylen, President Emeritus, Hope College, Holland, Michigan This book is a fine testimony of how God reached into Sei’s life and then impacted the Church and the nation of Liberia through his life. Readers will learn about the background of the country of Liberia, the tragic Civil […]