Liberia: A Visit Through Books

Liberia a Visit Through Books

Izetta R. Cooper has loved books since she was a child. Liberia – A Visit Through Books is part biography and part bibliography. Within these covers, you will learn about the woman who: lovingly raised three children and several foster children while supporting her husband’s medical career  introduced the Dewey Decimal System to the University […]

Africa On My Mind

Africa On My Mind

After two years as an early Peace Corps volunteer teacher in Liberia, one woman’s five-decade effort to learn about and to educate Americans about African peoples and countries.

Liberia & the Quest for Freedom

Liberia and the Quest for Freedom

Africa’s past and present are deeply influenced by the capture and selling of millions of its people over several centuries. To a greater extent, that is true for Liberia, a country to which blacks from the Americas returned. Liberia’s recent civil war, the trans-Atlantic slave trade inflicted pains, traumas, and losses that cannot be ignored […]

The Kru: A Short Biography

The Kru

Liberia comprises of sixteen major indigenous ethnic groups, one of which is the Kru. Although much has been said about these people by external narrators, two of their many sons and daughters now tell the story from within, asserting that no one can better tell a people’s story than the people themselves. Read THE KRU: […]

Slavery and Black American Statehood

Slavery and Black American Statehood

Liberia’s contributions to the world continue to be overlooked, including by Black Americans. Gebah Sekou Kamara, a native of Liberia migrated to the United States in 1998 after fleeing the Civil War in his country, he was granted asylum in 2001. Mr. Kamara explores how many freed Blacks from the United States and beyond gave […]

Liberia: The Land, Its People, History and Culture

This work is a general introduction to Liberia. It is comprehensive in scope covering a wide range of subjects from a historical and contemporary perspective. It is intended for members of the general public. But some members of the academic community may also find this work to be useful in their fields. Subjects covered include […]

Liberia: The Heart of Darkness

This book is about Liberia, once one of Africa’s most stable and prosperous countries, which plunged into one of the most brutal civil wars in recent world history.