The Feb Four

The Feb Four

In this short reflection, K-Moses Nagbe, the writer, explores some of the several themes that characterized the roughly four-day event of the American Peace Corps reunion of a few American Peace Corps Volunteers who had served in Liberia, West Africa. The reunion themes included the tragedies of life, the strength of the human spirit, the […]

You Be Pilot

You Be Pilot

Edward Bailey Sherman, a well-known evangelical and Pentecostal cleric, rose from humble beginnings to arrive at a height he rarely imagined he would have attained, had it not been for the grace of God. This little book celebrates the path he traveled. In the book, K-Moses Nagbe, the author, also documents at least 40 of […]

The Call of God Brings Joy: Memoirs of a Missionary to Liberia

The Call of God

In 1973, Herb Tisher moved from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to the town of Zwedru in the jungle of Liberia, West Africa. The eventful decades that followed saw language and culture learning, linguistic analysis, marriage, children, jungle treks, church planting, coups d’etat, wars, and, in 1996, the publication of the New Testament in the Tchien […]

Forged from Chaos: Stories and Reflections from Liberia at War

Forged from Chaos

Forged from Chaos is the inspiring story of a young pastor and peace activist living in a tragic time in his country’s history. It is a weaving of stories of real people and real events in a country torn by civil strife and civil war. Despite the tragic nature of the war, Stryker invites us […]

Catching Ricebirds: A Story of Letting Vengeance Go

Catching Ricebirds

Born in Liberia, West Africa, in 1979, Doe’s earliest memory is of his brother Molley teaching him to catch birds in their yard, luring them into traps with grains of rice. But by mid-July 1990, a violent civil war erupted and Liberia was thrown into a time of fear, starvation, and death. Separated from his […]

The Dragons, the Giant, the Women: A Memoir

The Dragons

An engrossing memoir of escaping the First Liberian Civil War and building a life in the United States. When Wayétu Moore turns five years old, her father and grandmother throw her a big birthday party at their home in Monrovia, Liberia, but all she can think about is how much she misses her mother, who […]

Avoid Mosquitoes and Other Impossibilities

Avoid Mosquitoes

In the compelling memoir Avoid Mosquitoes¿and Other Impossibilities, Nancy Sellin narrates the details of her journey across the world to Liberia, West Africa, where she and her husband intended to save the world as new members of the Peace Corps. Nancy shares her charming and intimate personal story that begins in 1965 with her journey […]

Listen to the Songs the Children Sing

Listen to the Songs

The past and present of Liberia, a small West African country characterized by a complex social and political history, reflect the challenges that Africans and African Americans have faced while sharing a common space and a common destiny for over a century. Listen to the Songs the Children Sing presents author Christiana Tah’s personal journey […]

The African American Odyssey of John Kizell

Odyssey of John Kizell

The inspirational story of John Kizell celebrates the life of a West African enslaved as a boy and brought to South Carolina on the eve of the American Revolution. Fleeing his owner, Kizell served with the British military in the Revolutionary War, began a family in the Nova Scotian wilderness, and then returned to his […]

NO MORE WAR: Rebuilding Liberia through Faith, Determination and Education

Praise for No More War —Gordon J. Van Wylen, President Emeritus, Hope College, Holland, Michigan This book is a fine testimony of how God reached into Sei’s life and then impacted the Church and the nation of Liberia through his life. Readers will learn about the background of the country of Liberia, the tragic Civil […]