Liberia: A Visit Through Books

Liberia a Visit Through Books

Izetta R. Cooper has loved books since she was a child. Liberia – A Visit Through Books is part biography and part bibliography. Within these covers, you will learn about the woman who: lovingly raised three children and several foster children while supporting her husband’s medical career  introduced the Dewey Decimal System to the University […]

Solomon’s Porch

Solomon's Porch

What are proverbs and parables good for? In most cultures, like our African culture, elders have a passionate belief in the importance of teaching as a means of making a positive difference in someone’s life. The nuggets found in Solomon’s Porch have been chosen from a variety of cultures and this collection contains the cream […]

Nuggets of the African Novel

Nuggets of the African Novel

In Nuggets of the African Novel [With Notes on the Liberian Literary Heritage], Nagbe charts a critical course which seeks to consolidate a unit approach to African literature, reinforcing one continental mind and soul. He has summarized nearly thirty African novels in Nuggets. The summaries are rich. The comments are insightful. They contain very many […]

Ebola-iculous: A Physician Encounters the Ebola Capital of the World

During the height of the Ebola epidemic, one hospital refuses to shut its doors… In August 2014 Dr. James Appel is called to leave the Republic of Chad where he’s been working for the last 10 years to go help out at the SDA Cooper Hospital in Liberia. James embarks on a four-day journey from […]