The Dowry of Virgins: and other stories

The Dowry Of Virgins

In this collection of seven imaginative short stories; themes represented in the work are of African and Liberian cultural influence. It seeks to explore within African settings the emotions of ordinary people when they face extraordinary situations. The emotions range from love, hate, greed, envy, and fear. A New Chief for Gwapala, What the Moon […]

Montserrado Stories

Montserrado Stories

Human history discloses the anger and despair that too often mar the lives of people. This is Lewis’ second collection of short stories, beautifully illustrating real-life challenges, great storyline, and a sweet voice sure to woo readers. The stories provide a view into Liberia society one cannot get from the headlines and written with a […]

Monrovia Rain and Other Stories

Monrovia Rain

Monrovia Rain and Other Stories Lost and Found offers moving perspectives on day-to-day life in the throes, and in the aftermath, of the civil war that affected every Liberian in some way. The authors portray tension within families, the hustle out on the streets, the plight of street children, the exploitation of young women, and […]

A Naked Lie: and other stories

A Naked Lie

Based on actual events, these fictitious short stories are set in postwar Liberia following the end of the civil war. A Naked Lie – The liar spoke with assurance, using common knowledge to slide the lie right in. God forbid, had it been during wartime, the accused would have died. During the civil war, many […]