Nyenea: The Child Soldier


Nyenea is the uniquely Liberian story of a family’s nightmarish experience as their beloved son becomes a child soldier with the most fearsome and barbaric rebel group in the country’s brutal civil war. The story follows the Mleh family, who’ve recently moved to their farm in Mount Gibi when the National Patriotic Front of Liberia […]

Forget Me Not My Love

Forget Me Not My Love

In Forget Me Not My Love, fiction meets reality in a world where despair has deep roots. A story of our times, imperfect yet lovable. This novel will not only make Liberians want to change Liberia; it will remind Liberians that we all should. Every Liberian must have an in-love-attitude, and be a passionate participant […]

The Subcontractors: The Liberian Incident

The Subcontractors

The world is a far stranger place than the average person will ever realize. We get glimpses of that strangeness here and there. Myths, urban legends, old fisherman’s tales, campfire stories of ghosts, and even stranger horrors lurking in the dark. These are just stories that we make up to frighten ourselves. Except, they’re all […]

Redemption Road

Redemption Road

Set in Monrovia during the administration of Liberia’s former president, Charles Taylor, this riveting debut is a story of recovery, atonement, and the continuing quest for peace and justice in a nation plagued by conflict and inequalities since its founding by freed American slaves. Life in post-war Liberia is not easy, and it is especially […]

Love Falls On Us: A Story of American Ideas and African LGBT Lives

Love Falls On Us

In 2009 Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill became a top global news story. Two years later Hillary Clinton declared “Gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights,” but still today there is little consensus on how to advance those rights beyond the United States and Europe. The fact is that international LGBT activism and […]